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Interim Band Social Development Worker (Income Assistance)
Reporting to and under the direction of the Director of Health and Wellness; the Interim Band Social Development Worker is responsible for maintaining updated and accurate files of the Adams Lake Indian Band Income Assistance Program.
Chase BC
Business, Finance, Administration
Chief Finance Officer
Adams Lake Indian Band is seeking a motivated individual with professional experience working with First Nations, to fill the position of Chief Finance Officer (CFO), on a full-time
Chase BC
Business, Finance, Administration
Child Protection Social Worker
Successful applicants may be placed in one of the following positions: Resource Worker The Resource Worker assesses, recruits, and assists Foster parents to promote and maintain quality care in a family setting while assessing potential Foster homes, and providing support and resources to Foster families. Child Protection Worker The Child Protection Worker’s goal is to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children while helping to preserve the family unit, providing preventative support, and maintenance programs to preserve families where possible. Guardianship Worker The Guardianship Worker is responsible for the care, safety, and wellbeing of children in continuing care from age 0 to 18 while developing and supervising care plans that ensure these goals are met.
Kamloops BC
Child, Health and Personal Care
Adams Lake Indian Band has an opening for an Addictions Counselling and Mental Health Worker. Reporting to and under the direction of the Director of Health and Wellness/designate; the Addictions Counselling and Mental Health Worker is responsible for providing community-based services to identified groups, individuals and families in Chase and Salmon Arm area.
Chase BC
Child, Health and Personal Care

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